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1. Work. Client retains XpressDigital to create [ENTER A DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK HERE]. Work includes only the final, deliverable art, and not any preliminary work or sketches. XpressDigital agrees to produce project materials for fees agreed upon and deliver work by an agreed-upon deadline. As long as client provides designer with all information, items, images, and materials needed to do so within allotted time frame. Client receives a three revision limit on all work. The client will be given the right to final say on all colors, fonts, text, and images used in the final design. If Client is not satisfied after the three revisions, XpressDigtal will charge $15 per additional revision Client requests. Revisions include, but are not limited to, fonts, color, sizing, layout. Logo files are sent over in pdf, png, and jpg formats. Print files are sent over in pdf and png format. Photoshop PSD files are available for an additional fee.


2. Price and Delivery. The non-refundable fee for Work is [DEPENDING ON ITEM]. For projects under $100, payment must be made in full before any work begins. Projects over $100 require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit beforehand. Balance due upon completion. Payment should be made in the method and manner specified by XpressDigtal. No finalized artwork files will be delivered until the balance is paid off.


3. Cancellation and Refund. Both parties understand that Client or XpressDigital may terminate the service at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. In the event of cancellation, XpressDigital retains ownership of all copyrights and original work created. There are absolutely NO refunds on any design work that has been started on or issued out. Upon written or verbal cancellation, Client is responsible for payment for all expenses incurred and any work done towards the completion of the project based on the percentage of the project completed that is determined by XpressDigital. 


At any point in time if the client decides they no longer want the package they have purchased they are welcome to decline further services but no refund will be issued and the contract will be void. Any Chargeback/Refund cases opened per client action is subject to losing all rights to designs or paying a minimum of half of the original cost of the work originally ordered. 


4. Grant of Rights. XpressDigtal may use Work in portfolio (including, but not limited to, any website that displays XpressDigtal work). Client and XpressDigtal agree that when asked, Client must properly identify XpressDigtal as the creator of Work. Draft files of artwork are property of XpressDigtal, and shall not be used in any matter or posted onto Social Media. That can be a breach of contract, and cause XpressDigtal to forfeit the project. In this case, no refund.


5. Confidentiality. XpressDigital acknowledges that she may receive or have access to information that relates to the Client’s past, present, or future products, vendor lists, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects/proposals, and other proprietary information. XpressDigital agrees to protect the confidentiality of the Client’s proprietary information and all physical forms. Unless strict confidentiality is requested by Client in advance of the establishment of this contract, XpressDigital can display materials and final work created for Client.


6. Time Frame To Obtain Materials. The client has a time frame of obtaining materials for the project and/or service requested. Any and all information should be sent through email at Any details regarding a order sent through any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. will be null and void. If all material needed for the project and/or design is not provided 30 days following the initial date of the signed agreement the contract is subject to one of the following:

    1. Standard turnaround time restarts from the time all material is confirmed to be received by the designer.

    2. Termination with no obligation of refund or services rendered. 


​If work is purchased, and Client does not complete it within 90 days, there is a $50 restart fee. If over 120 days, project is null and void, and no refund shall be issued. All unpaid invoices are canceled after 72hrs.


Last Updated 03/2021

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